Some people view the process of photography as an immediate thing. It is said to be spontaneous as I see the images and composition before me and because of the science/process of photography, I “take” the picture. Photography is often counter-poised next to painting as being self-evident, more so in today’s world of cell phone cameras owned by practically everyone.

Occasionally a photographer may interpret a photograph as “immediate” as their definition of photography. Looking at my work, I am always struck by how not immediate are my images.  What I mean is that deep down in my subconscious even before I see the image through the shutter, in relation to actual time. The image presented itself before me and quickly “etched” into my memory, it existed for me in my mind’s eye even before I brought it to light.  Therefore, I wish to say that my photographs are not immediate, they are pre-conceived, and well thought out before they existed in the reality of the world I was shooting.

             Through the many years of studying the art of photography, I have increased my knowledge of photography and it is reflected in my work. I can say today that I can see the science of photography as opposed to the art of photography therefore to me photography means more science than art, but looking at my work I think it is a contradiction. There are many elements to the science of my work, such as my various notes. For instance, the field notes like that of an anthropologist, my darkroom notes similar to a chemist, and then there are the printing notes akin to an alchemist. Because the annotations are written down for my clarification and direction, I can see the image even before I print it.

            I believe that you must have a written record of your work to understand what you are doing, however at the same time there has to be a visual record to help express what you are saying.  Having a visual record makes people ask-why does my work look so simple, and can they do that? Capturing something of my ambition, or vision my photo therefore; becomes more anthropomorphic, boundary-less, luminous, and full of non-information.

            I hope you enjoy the clarity of my work, although you will not be able to experience the scientific nature of the work, though you can observe it visually as "art". I try very hard to let the images speak for themselves, as it is my objective in the creation of my work.